About the Conference

The Twelfth Session of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP12) will be held in Manila, the Philippines, from 23 to 28 October 2017 – the first time that the COP will ever have been held in Asia. The COP will be preceded by a High Level Panel (22 October) which will be moderated by a leading international broadcast journalist and will involve dignitaries and celebrities including executives of international organizations and prominent goodwill ambassadors. On the eve of COP, an Award ceremony under the Migratory Species Champion Programme (Champion Night) will be held (22 October). Several governments, organizations and companies will be recognized as Migratory Species Champions for their long-term support to initiatives that benefit migratory species.

The slogan for the Conference is “Their Future is Our Future – Sustainable Development for Wildlife & People”, links to the Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the world’s governments in 2015 to end poverty and hunger, improve health and education, combat climate change and protect oceans and forests. The CMS COP will place particular emphasis on the fact that migratory animals provide vital services that satisfy people’s everyday needs – as a source of food and medicine, as pollinators and seed dispersers, and as a means of pest control. Migratory species can also fire our imagination with their majestic presence and beauty and inspire us with their intrepid journeys across deserts and oceans. COP12 presents an opportunity to place the cause of nature conservation centre stage in the wider debate about the future of the planet and the fate of its residents – human and animal. Delegates will be able to highlight the fact that global efforts to reach SDG will and must be beneficial for people and wildlife.

The CMS COP12 Logo Overview

1. The CMS COP12 logo celebrates the link between migratory species, the earth, and people; and the role of migratory species conservation to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2. The focal point of the logo is the Whale shark (Ryncodon typus), the centerpiece species for COP12. Shown as a composite of nine other terrestrial, avian and marine migratory species and their habitats, representing a shared destiny, the whale shark and letter “P” are rendered as a stylized tattoo.

3. As a traditional mark of bravery common to diverse cultures and communities—some of which are the most vulnerable to climate change—the tattoo is a statement that we must champion the cause of the environment.

4. The starkness of the tattoo complements the use of red, blue, and yellow, which are the colours of the host country, the Philippines, hosting the CMS COP for the first time and is the only Southeast Asian member state to the CMS.

5. The inclusion of the SDG colour wheel in the COP12 logo underscores the fact that wildlife conservation lies within the greater context of meeting the SDGs.

6. At the bottom of the logo, waves form a stylized hand reaching out to the whale shark. The hand adds a human element to the logo, representing the role of stewardship that people must take in caring for the habitats of all species.

7. The Theme of the CMS COP12 “Their Future is our Future: Sustainable Development for Wildlife and People” rounds out the logo. It stands for the CMS COP12’s call to action and brings to the fore the connection between wildlife, the earth, and people in meeting the SDGs.


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